the sooner you learn how not to act, but​ "to be" that part, the sooner as an actor you will be ahead of the rest. This is what the director and the casting people want when you walk in for an audition.  These workshops are for you, but only if you are willing to make the effort and put in the work.  

You are only a real person to me when I hear your voice on the other end of my phone - only a few texts and emails and then you can waste someone else's time. If you don't have the desire to express yourself talking on the phone, you sure as shit won't have it when you're on the set of a movie waiting to do your scene and having to listen to one of the Drivers bitch that he has to go pick someone up at the airport at midnight.  YOU ARE THE TALENT. There's nothing wrong with working on the other side of the camera and I would encourage you to get that experience.  But when that "Magic Time" starts with "Lights, Camera, Action." ......... it's all on YOU.

Workshops are formed with no less than four and no more than six participants.  This is two sessions of roughly three to four hours long that will probably start at night around 7pm and then repeat a week later.  I'm not against other times, and it would even be best to show up at 6am as that will be a lot closer to the time you will actually show up on a real set.  I am very flexible and can adjust workshop times around participants schedules.  This is one of the advantages of teaching "Hollywood Style".

"Any journey requires that first step."

    On the February 2015 broadcast of 60 Minutes profiling  Bradley Cooper

the director of his film American Sniper,  Clint Eastwood  remarked of Bradley, that "I never once caught him acting."  And that's the secret.  This is what it is all about.  To lose yourself in the character you have been hired to play. YOU ARE THE TALENT.  Now get ready to immerse yourself in the total experience.  You won't be sitting on a fold up chair waiting for your turn, you'll be on the living room set screaming at each other and then onto the makeup scene done on the bedroom set.  

​     "How to Go to Hollywood and Do Everything Wrong"​  would be the book.  

But I learned, and when I left, I kept learning and I kept getting acting jobs.  

It would take a while to figure it all out, but I think I have the intelligence and the maturity and insightful sensitivity to teach others what I wished I had learned when I first started.





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George C. Scott said the love of performance is what separates a good actor from a great one.

Kevin Spacey was told by one of his favorite directors that the only thing that counts is the "Magic Time", that is, when it is announced  "Lights, Camera, Action."

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